With winter next door, it becomes important to start thinking about different ways to help your skin get through this freezing season. Indeed, just as you change/update your wardrobe for warmer clothes, do the same for your skin.

It’s time to change your entire beauty routine. Winter is a harsh season for the skin, especially if your skin is highly sensitive or reactive in nature!

In today’s blog, we have shared five expert tips to help you maintain healthy and radiant skin, during the long/cold winter months.

#1 Nourish/Hydrate Your Skin

During the winter period, your skin has to face many external aggressions, even more hostile than usual! The cold wind whipping your face puts your skin in a delicate situation. In fact, winter is hard on your skin because the moisture in the air decreases. Thus, your skin barrier gets really weakened during this season. This is why your skin sends you alerts in the form of redness, tightness, itching or even dryness.

To counter the effects of cold on your skin, you should strengthen its natural shield: the hydrolipidic film. To do this, opt for organic nourishing creams. In winters, your skin continuously demands a supply of lipids to strengthen its skin barrier. Try using those nourishing creams and skincare products that contain active ingredients such as vegetable extracts and nutrients of fruits.

Whether you have dry skin, mature skin or oily skin – at The Billbergia you will easily find a nourishing cream that suits your skin type. They deal in organic beauty products that will keep your skin healthy in this winter season. Visit their store to explore the wide range of products. You are going to love them.

#2 Take Care of Your Skin From The Inside

Preserving the appearance of your skin in winter also involves “what you eat and drink”! Let’s start with the drinking part – do you avoid drinking water in winters because it feels too cold. And hot water is something you hate?

To be honest, these are not good reasons to ignore water. Drinking water has a direct and positive impact on our skin. Drinking 1.5L or even 2L of water per day will strengthen the hydration rate of the epidermis and make your skin more supple and clear.

Help Tip: You can use herbal teas and fruit juices to maintain your water intake. Combine your objective with pleasure!

Another important component that your skin demands in winters are fatty acids. They are necessary for hydration as well as for the elasticity of the skin. Moreover, fatty acids contribute to the good cohesion between the skin cells. There are natural beauty products available in the market that contain fatty acids. You can use them on a daily basis to maintain the nourishment of your skin.

#3 Do Not Overheat Your Interior

Even if you are looking to create a cosy cocoon with a blanket, too much heating is not good for your skin. Indeed, overheating your living space could further dry out your skin. Winter is already a dry season and there’s no moisture in the air. Therefore, if turning down the heat isn’t in your plans, consider using an air humidifier or water vapour diffuser to humidify the surrounding air. This way, you can protect your skin from the damage caused due to non-uniform temperature.

#4 Don’t Take Too Long Hot Shower Sessions

Does the idea of a hot shower after returning from the office, makes you shiver out of happiness? Unfortunately, standing in hot water for hours is not good for the skin. Although this is very comforting, but the heat weakens the protective layers of the skin and its overall balance. The best you can do is either a quick 10 min shower with hot water or lukewarm water!

#5 Don’t Forget About Your Hands

Your hands are often the first victims of the cold. Hands dry out very quickly and can sometimes be prone to chapping, redness and flaking. Opt for rich and smooth natural creams which do not leave a greasy finish on your skin. It will keep your hand soft and healthy. However when you are shopping for moisturising cream, always go for the organic ones.

Help tip: Apply moisturizing creams to your hand several times a day.

A little exfoliation from time to time can also be beneficial to keep your hands clean and beautiful! Also, make sure you don’t put your gloves aside. Your gloves will serve as protection against the cold. With this royal treatment, your hands will thank you all long this season.

Final Words

With these tips, you can keep your skin healthy during the cold winter. Moreover, The Billbergia offers a wide range of natural skincare and beauty products. You can use their organic products to take care of your skin. Visit them now!

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