Is having dark armpits a matter of huge concern for you? Yes, then don’t feel baffled as it’s completely ordinary to have them. Almost every individual, at some point in their life, faces the issue of dark underarms due to several reasons. But for the people who are always conscious about their looks and attire, it’s a big matter & nothing ordinary. To get rid of pigmentation, they are always in quest of ways to lighten up their armpit complexion. Also, anyone who loves to swirl on beats or is a party animal or loves to wear sleeveless dresses, tank tops and swimsuits feel embarrassed when the complexion of their underarms doesn’t match their skin tone.

Calm down, and don’t fret; we are here to help you. In this blog, you will learn what causes dark armpits, how to prevent them, and what are the best organic skincare products in India? And the best underarm whitening creams you can use.

Let’s get started:

What causes dark underarms?

You must be having several questions lingering in your mind like – Is dark underarms a medical condition? Is it serious or harmless? Will I ever get rid of dark underarms or not? And many more. It’s okay to have many questions, and we are here to answer the same.

When your natural skin shade doesn’t match with that of your underarms, then we say that it has turned dark. Melanocytes determine the skin colour of any individual, also called pigment cells. When these cells start multiplying rapidly, the skin colour in that area can turn dark.

In medical terminology, the darkening of the underarms is considered a skin condition called AN (Acanthosis Nigricans). Due to AN, the skin becomes thick and folds itself. Anyone can get diagnosed with AN, but some people are more likely to get affected by it. Below, we have shared some of the well-known causes due to which anyone can develop AN or hyperpigmentation:

Obesity: Carrying a bunch of extra pounds makes you highly vulnerable to insulin effects. Insulin is responsible for regulating the blood sugar of an individual. Having high insulin levels tends to increase the production of melanocytes (pigment cells). Due to this, the skin turns dark in the underarms and other areas.

Hormonal Imbalance: During Puberty, several changes happen in your body’s inner ecosystem, which impacts hormones. When hormones are disrupted, they affect the skin, leading to breakouts or discolouration. Skin discolouration that happens due to hormonal imbalance is termed Melasma (melanocytes get stimulated due to not so optimal estrogen or progesterone levels). This condition is more visible in pregnant women or those on hormonal birth control pills. Other conditions linked with a hormonal balance that cause dark underarms are:

PCOS (PolyCystic Ovary Syndrome)


Hypothyroidism (Underactive thyroid)

Cushing Syndrome

Exfoliation Badly Needed: Sometimes exfoliation is all you need to get back neat and light underarms. The dead skin cells get accumulated in the underarms; it causes clogged pores, increases the pigmentation process and makes the skin highly sensitive. As per Healthline, you should exfoliate your underarms skin frequently to prevent it from darkening or hyperpigmentation. For exfoliation, use the best organic skincare products in India only that are free of harsh chemicals.

Shaving Incorrectly: For some women around, shaving during bathing is an everyday task. Frequent shaving, rubbing, scratching, or waxing irritates underarm skin and turns it dark. Only the upper surface level hair gets removed during these processes, and skin appears darker. Also, when you use dull or rough blades directly onto the dry underarm skin without first moisturizing, it causes skin discolouration, inflammation, and irritation. To prevent or get rid of dark underarms, try to use an epilator or follow other methods that pull the hair from the root instead of the surface.

Diagnosed with AN: Acanthosis nigricans, also called AN, is a skin issue where some specific skin area becomes dark and thick. It mainly affects the skin on the knees, elbows, neck, knees, breasts, etc. AN is linked with obesity and causes skin discolouration because of high blood sugar. Although AN is harmless, it can still act as an alarm for upcoming life-threatening health issues. If you suddenly find your skin turning dark in any area mentioned above, see a doctor.

Time to Change Your Deodorant – Some of the deodorants or the antiperspirants that we use have aluminium as the main ingredient. Several deos irritate your skin, leading to a dark skin tone. The body areas which fold easily, like armpits, are prone to discolouration due to deodorant. Moreover, excess usage of deos and antiperspirants clogs skin pores and sweat ducts, causing skin irritation and inflammation.

Use of Certain Medications: Certain medications interfere with an individual’s insulin levels and shoot it up. It leads to the darkening of underarms skin tone. The medications can be insulin shots, human growth hormone, birth control pills, corticosteroids, high-dose niacin, etc.

Cancer: Not so frequent, but in some cases, AN can turn into a cancerous tumour which grows mainly in the stomach, liver or any other internal organ. This AN is also referred to as Malignant Acanthosis Nigricans. Also, if you notice sudden darkening of the underarm skin or around the mouth, it can signify cancer. The cancer cells tend to stimulate the growth of skin pigment cells which causes skin darkening.

Genetics: You might be surprised thinking why this is on the list? It is one of the causes of dark armpits. In some families, AN runs from one generation to another, which likely means that the affected individuals will have dark underarms.

Skin Color: If you have a dark skin tone, having dark underarms is pretty natural. There is nothing to worry about. But if the colour is even darker than the actual skin tone, you should definitely consider using the best organic skin care products In India.

Now we know almost all the causes of dark armpits. Let’s now find ways to prevent having dark underarms, or if you already have, then how to treat them effectively.

Simple and Effective Ways to Prevent Dark Underarms

To prevent dark underarms, you will have to do the opposite of the aforementioned causes. Having dark underarms can be anything like hyperpigmentation, genetics, etc. Below we have listed some points that you can start frequently following to enjoy the perk of having no dark underarms:

  1. Refrain from spraying harsh deodorant directly on your underarm skin and try to use the one which is free of alcohol.
  2. Either refrain from shaving or moisturize before shaving armpits. When you shave on dry skin, it leads to skin irritation and inflammation that later darken the underarms skin tone.
  3. Wear clothes that are not too tight and help your skin breathe properly. Wearing tight clothes leads to abrasion and sagging of the skin. 
  4. If you are diabetic and overweight, try to keep a tab on your lifestyle and make healthy choices.
  5. Refrain from smoking as it stimulates the growth of skin pigment cells which turns the skin dark in certain body areas, including the underarms.
  6. Exfoliate your skin at least once or twice a week; this will help in the removal of dead skin cells which accumulated over time.

How To Treat Dark Underarms?

If you start working on the causes, it will help treat the dark underarms. You can follow several combinations, including home remedies, lifestyle changes, applying dark underarm whitening cream, following medicinal treatment, etc.

Follow Natural Remedies

There are innumerable natural treatments available if you wish to lighten your underarms skin tone. Some of the most fantastic ones are:

Aloe Vera – It works like a charm. Just take out fresh aloe vera gel from the leaf or buy it from any best organic skincare products in India. Massage the gel gently on your underarm skin and let it dry. Later, wash it thoroughly. Frequent usage of Aloe Vera gel will soothe underarm skin and lighten skin tone.

Apart from Aloe Vera, some other natural remedies that you can try include apple cider vinegar, baking soda, potato juice and turmeric.

Use Underarm Whitening Cream

Due to frequent shaving, plucking, or waxing improperly, the underarm skin becomes dark and dull. Using Underarm Skin Whitening Cream can help a lot, especially the one by The Billbergia. The cream contains saffron extracts and is completely free of harsh chemicals, parabens, sulfates, silicones etc. Packed with the goodness of rich natural ingredients, the dark underarm whitening cream corrects hyperpigmentation, removes dark spots, lightens skin tone, gently exfoliates the skin and causes no side effects.

Laser Treatment

Laser therapy works well if you don’t wish to try other methods. The laser beam targets the melanin-producing cells and decreases their production in a few sessions. Laser light penetrates deeper into the skin and increases the temperature of the dermal layer. The body’s defence system activates, and it immediately increases collagen production to repair damaged cells. This way, it reduces the thickness of the skin and makes the skin tone lighter. Along with this, laser therapy tends to decrease hair growth greatly; hence, there is less need for frequent shaving or waxing.

Final Words

Understand in-depth what the different causes of dark underarms are. We have listed above all the primary points. Later, follow the preventive methods and treatment techniques. Soon, you will have smooth and light underarms to strike your favourite insta pose.

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