Today’s market offers a diverse range of beauty products, some synthetic and some natural. As all of these products can be helpful to some extent but natural products are normally the best option.

Ingredient quality, pureness, and protection are important factors in skincare products that are taken into consideration. Vegan skincare products, of course, are the best option because they contain the best natural ingredients and offer longer-lasting results.

Treating your skin well externally and internally will make you feel great, and shifting to natural and organic skincare products to moisturize your skin is a perfect way to start.

How Harmful Are The Existing Skincare Products?

These days on a rapid scale, people are switching to a vegan foods diet, and it is so because now they know how those packaged foods containing harmful ingredients are hampering their health. But if you are eating consciously and still using those makeup and skincare products loaded with harsh chemicals, parabens, sulfates, etc., that means your overall health is still compromised.

The worst thing is that as a consumer, whenever we purchase any skincare, haircare, or body care product, we don’t even bother to go through the ingredients list. This is why those brands are still thriving because they know you trust them and using that trust factor only, they are selling you poison in the name of skincare products.

Everything is heavily loaded with harsh chemicals, from your lip balm to shampoo to the moisturizer, which you should technically don’t even let come close to your skin.

You will be shocked to know that 80% of the ingredients in those products are such, which should never be applied to the skin. On average, if we only talk about women, they use 12 products containing plenty of harsh ingredients. Some of them contain ingredients like parabens, carcinogens, sulfates, etc., that can cause hormone imbalance, skin issues, disrupt the endocrine system, congenital disabilities, skin allergies, acne, pimples, etc.

Moreover, using such products packed with harmful ingredients creates a thin film of chemicals over the skin. Due to that film, skin cannot breathe well, resulting in clogged pores, aging, pigmentation, and much more.

Time To Make a Switch To Vegan Skincare Products – BE BILLBERGIAN

Whatever you will apply to your skin, it will penetrate deep into it, and chances are those ingredients enter deeper layers of skin and mix up with the bloodstream. So isn’t it better to make a healthy choice and switch to vegan and organic brands instead of applying harsh chemicals on the skin?

Skin is the largest organ of the body, and it needs to be nourished well. The vegan products give special attention to nourishing your skin deeply at every level and making it look flawless.

Another advantage is when applying vegan skincare products on the skin, you can thank yourself for contributing towards saving mother nature and yourself. In addition, your skin reflects the body’s inner balance, so why not give special attention to it.


Key Benefits Of Using Vegan Products Over Others

THE following are some of the main benefits of cruelty-free & vegan skincare products:

Best for Sensitive Skin and Suitable for all Types of Skin

Animal testing is not used in cruelty-free and vegan skincare products. They typically consist of 100 % natural ingredients that are gentle on the skin rather than harsh synthetic chemical additives commonly found in commercial beauty products.

Quality assurance and source purity can be hard to ascertain for brands that use animal-derived ingredients, and there are numerous potential health risks.

Natural Products are More Reliable

Natural skincare products are much safer than chemically synthesized skincare products. When you apply a lotion to your skin, the ingredients in it gradually absorb into your bloodstream, and they have a direct impact on many of the body’s processes from there.

The ingredients will have positive effects if they are effective. On the other hand, if they act as a hindrance to the skin, it will leave a negative impact on both the skin and body.

They’re High in Nutrients that are Beneficial to your Health

Discussing the ingredients of synthetic and natural skincare products is the most effective way to showcase the differences between the two. The 2 categories of products’ ingredient profiles are so dissimilar that they don’t even resemble each other.

Words like Glyceryl Stearate, Dye, and Petroleum can be found on the ingredient list of a chemically synthesized product. These ingredients are created in laboratories and, while they can perform their functions, they can also be harmful to the body.

On the other hand, natural products contain ingredients like jojoba oil, argan oil, mixed fruits extracts, etc. These components are not only safe for the body, but they are also beneficial. This is because they contain vitamin supplements like Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Vitamin E, Resveratrol, alpha-hydroxy acid, and others that assist the body in functioning properly.

They’re More Gentle on the Skin

Synthetic skincare products have several drawbacks, one of which is that they can be harmful to some people’s skin. Swelling, skin irritation, itchiness, and outright allergic reactions can all be caused by certain ingredients found in these products.

As a result, you should stay away from them at all costs.

Parabens, sulfates, petrochemical products, synthetic dyes, and propylene glycol are all ingredients to avoid. This is why choosing natural products is likely a good option. Natural products are free of irritants and, rather than harming the skin, they nourish it.


In recent years, there has been a significant rise in the demand for natural products. People have become aware of existing products’ impact on the environment and have called for eco-friendly alternatives. This does, however, imply that the competition is fierce, which is why you should be wary of taking brands at face value.

The differentiating factor between Billbergia and other brands is that our brand is safe, effective, non-irritating, contains natural ingredients and formulations.

Billbergia can assure the ultimate purity and safety in every product that you will apply on your skin, hair or body. YOUR SKIN WILL THANK YOU FOR MAKING A SWITCH TO A VEGAN LIFESTYLE.

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