The Billbergia Apple Cider Shampoo for Scalp Healing

The Billbergia Apple Cider Shampoo with Apple Cider Vinegar, Almond and Argan Oil. Natural, Vegan, Non-Toxic Ingredient Composition. No Parabens/ Sulphates/ Silicones/ Harmful Chemicals – 200 ML


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The Billbergia Apple Cider Shampoo with Apple Cider Vinegar Non-Toxic Ingredient Composition. No Parabens/ Sulphates/ Silicones/ Harmful Chemicals. It helps detangle your hair and prevents split ends. It has strong anti-hair loss active ingredients that help in maintaning hair volume.Perfectly safe for colour treated hair.

Volume: 200ml

Cleanses Your Hair & Scalp:

The Billbergia Apple Cider Shampoo is made using natural ingredients which helps to combat scalp infections and fight other hair problems. Its packed with the rich and powerful benefits of pure Apple Cider Vinegar, Argan Oil and Almond Oil. All these ingredients together deep cleanse your scalp, restore the natural lustre of hair and promote hair growth. The shampoo also helps repair your damaged hair due to prolonged use of chemical and hair styling products.

Balances Hair Ph & Overall Health:

It is also best suitable for colour treated hair. The acetic acid in our Apple Cider Vinegar shampoo reduces frizziness, split ends and balances hair’s natural pH, making them more manageable. Along with revitalizing your scalp, the shampoo works as a natural hair conditioner. Right from the first wash, you will notice the difference in the way your hair feel

Fights Itchiness & Dandruff:

The Argan oil, Almond oil, and Apple Cider Vinegar in our shampoo gently cleanse your scalp, freeing it of the buildups and reducing dandruff, frizziness, and split ends. Together these three ingredients repairs your damaged hair, strengthens it and brings softness as well as lustre back.

Safe for Color Treated Hair:

This is free of dangerous chemicals and pollutants, including parabens, sulfates, silicones, mineral oil, and dye, making it suitable for colored and chemically treated hair. When applied to the scalp, it reduces hair loss by nourishing your hair follicles. It cleans and nourishes the scalp and hair gently.

How to Use:

Wet your hair well, take few drops of our shampoo on your palms and gently apply it onto your hair and scalp. Massage it well to lather and leave it to play with your hair for 30 seconds. Rinse it with water to clear it all. And enjoy your hair.

Nature In | Toxicity Out:

The Billbergia Products are Certified Ultra-Natural, Vegan, Non-Toxic, FDA Approved, Paraben Free, SLS Free, Sulfate-Free, Cruelty-Free,
Suitable for All Skin Types, Suitable in all seasons.


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